No doubt that parenting is because you have to think before saying anything to your child. It is not less than a challenge to be a good parent. It is all due to your child’s unknown behavior, and you have to ensure that your kid listens to you at every point and understands the motive why you are saying the particular thing. Well, it is a tedious task to know how to respond to the frustrating behavior of your kid and how to maintain a healthy connection with you. It needs a lot of experience, and being a first parent needs a lot of hard work to motivate the child without any misbehavior. 

Earlier, people used to manage the child’s behavior by threatening, smacking, shaming, and spoiling. Is it the right way to do it? Some of you may agree with this point, but on a very serious note, it is not the way to treat your children. You do not know the impact your children have on whatever you say. Always remember that to treat the children in a good manner you have to be a kid. If you think from their perspective, then only you can convey your point to them. Here are some points that you have to keep in mind to manage your children.

Focus on the behavior, not the child

If you are angry with your kid, then see his behavior, not the child. You have to address their behavior, not them personally. It will help them understand the issue, and they will not take it personally and try to improve their habits. You can point out their actions instead of pointing out their character. You can say that “Hitting is not a good habit” instead of saying “You are a naughty boy”.

Ensure your child feels emotionally secure with you

When disciplining, you must ensure that your child feels emotionally secure with you. It is not always about physical safety, your child needs to feel emotionally secure with you at all times. Whenever they are under stress, treat them in the way you would like to be treated. Take care of them with love, affection, and attention. It will help them feel secure with you and they will share their feelings with you. 

Walk away when you feel out of control

Always remember that being a good parent is not about you, it is about your child. You have to keep in mind that whenever you feel like losing your emotions, you can walk away. It is not always about scolding your children just because they are not listening to you. Sometimes parents feel like bad parents due to their children’s poor behavior. 

 Summing Up!!

These are the things that you have to keep in mind while you are saying something to your children. Always behave like your children. Do not let them feel demotivated otherwise they will not get the point of why you are saying the particular thing to them.

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