Relationships, Break-Up, and patch-ups are very common these days.  A person goes through several kinds of changes from adolescence to adulthood. And one of its phases is to be in love with or to have a crush on someone. It’s okay to feel attracted to someone, but it’s not the same as being in love. It might be challenging to determine whether we have a crush or are in love with someone. This article might help you if you are confused about either of them.

Young people frequently are uncertain of whether they are in love with someone or whether they are just having a crush on them. Teenagers frequently mistake their crush for love and end up hurting themselves physically or mentally. In this series, if we can distinguish between the two at a young age, life will be simpler for us. So, here we have brought 3 such signs that will help you get a better understanding of it. Have a look-

Beautiful Face V/s Beautiful Soul

There is a famous saying “Love does not happen from the face, it happens from character”. You can understand this from the fact that if know have a crush on someone you will only attracted to her beautiful face. On the other hand, if someone’s actions, words, and kindness are attractive to your mind and you are becoming more and more drawn to him with each passing day, then realize that this is true love.

Loyalty Towards them Proves it All

The most important quality in a partner is their loyalty to you. One of the crucial elements of being in love with someone is their trust and loyalty. When you are deeply in love with someone, talking to them is the last thing on your mind. In contrast, you may date many people at once when you have a crush on someone without feeling bad or remorse.

Emotions towards them Express it All

The third and most crucial indicator of being in love with someone is your genuine emotions for them. When you love someone, even the smallest problem makes you anxious. A person takes care of every little thing about his partner with whom they are in love. They don’t even think about hurting them with any of their actions. On the other side, when you are crushing on someone, you don’t care at all about his issues or his happiness.

So, if any of the aforementioned facts apply to you as well, it’s time to make an appropriate decision.

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