Match Group, the parent company of dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid, stated in its most recent earnings statement that it intends to incorporate additional AI capabilities throughout its app portfolio over the next two quarters.

While Tinder has been employing AI since 2019 for matching algorithms, merchandising, and trust safety efforts, these new capabilities are more customer-facing.

One of The AI Features Might Explain Why the App Recommended a Match to The User

“Get ready for endless laughter with this witty charmer who shares your love for brunch, scary movies, and a laid-back approach to life!”  AI was described in a concept image included in Match’s earnings letter.

Another feature in the works is “AI-enabled photo selection,” which match claims would assist users in selecting the finest photographs for their dating profiles.

Match did not specify which of its dating apps will have the new AI capabilities although during the company’s earnings conference on Wednesday, Match group CEO Bernard Kim suggested that Tinder may get the photo selection function.

Tinder users “get generally nervous or uncomfortable” while deciding which photographs to share, according to Kim, which may cause them to uninstall the service.

He noted that an AI photo selection function that scans a user’s photo book and selects the best photographs can “reduce the stress” of selecting the proper shots.


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