In this Digital world, something new may emerge rapidly and becomes Viral. And, recently, trending news on social media has grabbed everyone’s attention. This information relates to one of the well-known delivery apps, Zomato. This app is widely recognized for its innovative advertising and marketing campaigns.

While some commentators believe it to be just another Zomato marketing ploy, others believe it to be an actual incident. Read the complete story here-

Here’s the Viral Tweet from Zomato

Zomato tweeted – “Ankita from Bhopal Please Stop sending food on cash on delivery to your ex-boyfriend. This is the third time – he is refusing to pay!”

This tweet has gained a lot of attention on social media, and many people are responding to it. It may be said that Ankita, a Bhopal girl, frequently ordered meals from Zomato for her ex-boyfriend using cash on delivery in this entire scenario. The boy used to consistently refuse to pay at the same time. Everyone is aware that Zomato is famous for its engaging and creative posts. Apart from that, most of the netizens are reacting and giggling after reading this post and forwarding it to their friends.

Reactions of Netizens after this Tweet 

After this Tweet, the comment section is flooded with lots of reactions. A Twitter user wrote, “Well done, Zomato. While another one wrote, “Yeh toh Zomato wale ki lage hi promotion kar rahe hai.” At the same time, a Twitter user said, “Those who do not have any idea to harass their ex, can generate a new one from this tweet”

Some of the users thought that this Tweet was just a publicity gimmick. With this captivating tweet, Zomato only wants to get people’s attention. More than 344k people have seen this tweet since it was published. Currently, this tweet from Zomato is being widely shared across all social media networks.

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