A lot of people have been hurt by Poonam Pandey’s fake death announcement. The model’s agency has since issued an apology for putting on her publicity stunt to promote cervical cancer awareness. The organization is now using Poonam’s mother’s cancer diagnosis as justification for the action. For cheap publicity, the All Indian Cine Workers Association is demanding an FIR and criminal investigation against Poonam Pandey.

A “heartfelt apology” has been issued by the digital agency Schbang via their social media post. Schbang expressed regret for their actions in a statement, especially to individuals who have experienced difficulties associated with cancer. Check out this statement released by Poonam’s team-


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“I Am Alive’’, Poonam Pandey

The public relations team of Ms. Pandey declared her death from cervical cancer on Friday morning.  Poonam’s fans and the industry as a whole are shocked by this news. The model later stated on Instagram that the reports of her passing were Fake. She also disclosed that an effort was made to increase awareness of cervical cancer through the stunt.

Poonam declared, “I am alive,” while sharing a video. Cervical cancer was not the reason I died. Regretfully, I am unable to make the same statement regarding the hundreds and thousands of women who passed away from cervical cancer.

Social Media Reactions on Model’s Death

On social media, the model and actor have encountered strong criticism for their actions. She received harsh criticism from many users who said she was “faking her death” to gain attention.

Regarding the lawsuits that the actress is facing, The All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA) has called for Poonam Pandey to be charged with a criminal offense.

The founder of AICWA, Suresh Shyamlal Gupta, claimed Poonam Pandey’s actions were done for sensationalized publicity. The text of the statement said, “Is this a joke?

You went so far as to get cheap publicity. In the Bollywood industry, nobody has descended to this level… You have manipulated the public’s feelings.

I’ve requested that Poonam Pandey and her manager be the subject of a formal complaint to the Mumbai Police Commissioner.”

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