A 29-year-old model and beauty influencer has made requests to strangers for expensive experiences such as private jet travel to Miami, Chanel purses, and a Cartier ring. While looking for a wealthy partner, she has asked random men to give her designer items and opulent experiences.

Karolina Geits held a sign that read, “Fly me to Miami,” outside Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. She was offered a ride on a stranger’s private jet.

Asked Stranger to Book Expensive Hotel

“It was an absurd idea. Although she told The New York Post, “I knew I could go to the commercial airport and ask someone there to purchase her a plane ticket; I thought the private jet would be more exciting. Then she asked an unknown person in Miami to reserve a $500 hotel room for her.

Karolina said that she was now her friend, even though she withheld any information about who that person was.

Karolina has further stated that she met a stranger in Miami, but she nevertheless paid one lakh rupees to reserve a two-night hotel for him. She went on to say that when attractive girls ask them to do something, guys will do anything.

Strangers Spend Lakhs on Shopping

She claims that random people have even taken her shopping. Some people purchase jewelry for them for thousands of rupees, while others spend lakhs of rupees on bags.

It has been reported that Karolina is also searching for a boy to marry. She has been searching for the right boy, but she hasn’t found him yet.

The fact that she asks random men to purchase pricey items for her has shocked internet users. “I wonder if they don’t ask for anything in return,” a user questioned. “Some people just got that charisma and influence on people,” another person remarked. Karolina has 546 posts and more than 1.1 million Instagram followers.

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