This Company Pays Pet Owners to Have their Dog Tattooed: US-based pet products firm is offering to pay for customers to get tattoos of their dogs in honor of International Dog Day. Those interested must upload a picture of their dog and explain why they deserve the tattoo, according to the BarkBox website. 100 persons will be eligible for the $150 gift card.

“We’re gonna track down the ol’ company credit card and whippet out for you to get some sweet ink of your sweet pup. All you have to do is sit as well as they do,” According to the company’s website.

“The most dog-obsessed humans on the BARK payroll will be the judges, and they’ll choose 100 lucky winners, who will also receive a big honkin’ box of BARK goodies chosen just for your pup,” they added.

The Contest Will Finish On September 2nd, With The Winners Notified by September 6th

The company will provide the winners with the tattoo artist and design they like. The contest will finish on September 2nd, with the winners notified by September 6th.

“The first 1,000 entries will get a $5 gift card to spend at BarkShop on the day we announce the winners,” according to the contest details.

On Tuesday, the company also posted on their official Twitter account, writing, “In honor of national dog day, we want to pay for your dog tat. If you want to be jabbed with a needle to show the world how much you love your dog, click the link to find out how to do it on BARK’S DIME.”

This Company Pays Pet Owners to Have their Dog Tattooed

Since Being Shared, The Post Has Received Hundreds of Likes and Countless Comments

Since being shared, the post has gotten hundreds of likes and a tonne of comments. Several individuals posted images of their dogs in the post’s comments section.

“My baby is over 20 years old. She is my live. I have always wanted a tattoo. At 61. It would be an honor to have her tattoo,” “In the comment section, a person shared a picture of the dog.

“This is Cody. He’s a 13-year-old Shih Tzu/Husky mix. He has Cushing’s Disease which he takes medicine for but he is slowing down and I know I probably will be lucky to have him for another two years. He is my best friend and was born in my house,” another user stated.

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