Squirrel Interact with A Family: The video, posted on Twitter on November 30 by Gabriele Corno, depicts a family’s interaction with an adorable squirrel. As the toddlers looks on, a playful squirrel can be seen climbing a baby stroller. The adorable small animal may be seen hopping from one end to the other.

Squirrel Interact with A Family

Later in the video, the squirrel climbs on the on the woman and then the person taking the clip. The little squirrel then attempts to fit into the pockets of his jacket. The squirrel then peers through the little pockets of the charming clip. The video caption read, “At the park (wait for it).”  The squirrel’s short meeting with a family has gone viral on the internet.

Social Media Users Wondered What Kind of Squirrel It Was

The video has received over 28,000 views on Twitter and has caused an internet breakdown. A social media user wondered what kind of squirrel it was. “I think it’s an Abert’s Squirrel,” one person said. Another user said, “Looks like this squirrel is looking for a treat (and maybe used to getting fed by humans). The squirrel is adorable, but it’s not a great idea to encourage a wild animal to approach humans who may harm it (or vice versa)!”

“A really curious squirrel could have been a fun pet if it left the electric wires in peace,” said one user. “Cheeky Squirrel – wonderful interaction wild little critter and family,” said the fourth.

“Ooooh I love squirrels, but they never jump in my pocket,” said the fifth.

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