A Woman Harasses an Underpaid Employee but Forgets to Put Her Car in Parking Mode: When leaving a gas station or parking lot, most people shift into gear or use the hand brakes. However, some people forget in a fit of wrath or because of any other condition that can be dangerous to themselves and those around them.

A Woman Harasses an Underpaid Employee but Forgets to Put Her Car in Parking Mode

One such video, extensively shared on social media, shows a woman departing her car without first putting it in parking mode. According to the information supplied by the individual on Twitter stepped out of the car irate and confronted an employee.

The Sedan Begins Moving Forward as Soon as The Irate Woman Exits the Car and Closes the Door

According to the video, the sedan begins moving forward as soon as the irate woman exits the car and closes the door. It indicated that the place is a gas station or a drive-through. She dashes behind the automobile as soon as she realizes it is moving, abandoning he debate. The automobile, however, eventually falls into what appears to be a pit and vanishes before reaching the main road. An employee is also seen following the woman to help her.

“She jumped out of the car to harass an underpaid employee but she forgot to put her car in park mode. This is what we call karma,” reads the video’s 31-second caption.

The Video Has Received Over 3.4 Million Views and 2,700 Likes

Tansu Yegen posted the video on November 28 and it has received over 3.4 million views and 2,700 likes since then. The location of the video is unknown.

“Pretty sure that’s “Car-ma” in this particular instance …, commented one person.

“Someone is being invited to learn a lesson. Hope she did,” another individual stated.

“What goes around comes around!” exclaimed third.

“When Karma controls, leaving you with a costly lesson…” a fourth person said.

Some users also said that the location appears to be the restaurant. According to one user “It’s likely a Chick-fil-a fast food restaurant. There, they have some of their employees work the drive-through line from the outside to get customers served faster.”

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