Apple Is Being Sued by Two Women for Dangerous Tracking by Ex-Spouses: Two women have sued Apple, alleging that its AirTag devices allow stalkers to easily follow and terrorize victims. The small gadgets, approximately the size of the half dollar coin, are designed to put inside or attached to personal belonging such as bags or keys to assist owners in locating them.

Apple Is Being Sued by Two Women

Apple Is Being Sued by Two Women However, privacy experts have warned – and police reports have confirmed that AirTags can be used to follow people without their knowledge.

According to the proposed class action complaint filed Monday in federal court in San Francisco, an ex-boyfriend of one of the ladies who filed the complaint installed an AirTag in the wheel of her car and was able to find out where she had moved to avoid his harassment.

The Other Woman Claimed Her estranged spouse Tracked Her Movements by Putting an AirTag in Her Child’s Backpack

AirTags Tracking Has Resulted in Murder in Other Situations

According to lawsuit, AirTags tracking has resulted in murder in other situations. AN ex-boyfriend in Akron, Ohio used the gadget and shoot a woman. In another case, a woman in Indianapolis, Indiana, planted an AirTag in her ex-car, boyfriend’s followed him to a club, and ran him over.

When Apple debuted the AirTag in April 2021, it promoted it a “Stalker Proof”. It contained chimed notification to alert apple device users such as iPhone and MacBook if an AirTag was within Bluetooth range (approximately 30 feet or 9 meters) for an extended length of time.

Apple Has Also Released an App for Android Users That Allows Them to Scan for AirTags in Their Vicinity

Following repeated concerns from privacy activists, the business improved precaution early this year, decreasing notification times and also telling Apple device users when an AirTag that wasn’t registered to them was “Moving with You,” such as one connected to user’s car undercarriage. Apple has also released an app for android users that allow them to scan for AirTags in their Vicinity.

According to the claim filed on Monday, “While Apple has built safeguards into the AirTag product, they are woefully inadequate, and do little, if anything, to promptly warn individuals if they are being tracked.”

The women accuse the company of Distributing a harmful equipment carelessly and seek the court award certain monetary damages. They want to represent those “who have been and who are at risk of stalking via this dangerous product.”

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