A US Woman Sets Fire to Her Boyfriend’s Home After Another Woman Answers the Phone: According to the Bexar County Sheriff’s, a Texas lady was arrested after torching her boyfriend’s home. Senaida Marie Soto, 23, stormed into her boyfriend’s family home soon before 2 AM and set fire to it after stealing many items, according to authorities.

A US Woman Sets Fire to Her Boyfriend’s Home

Ms. Soto was arrested on burglary and arson charges, according to a police notice posted on Facebook.

According to the police, “Soto had Face Timed her boyfriend when another woman answered his phone, who later turned out to be a relative of the boyfriend.”

The Woman Set Fire to A Couch in The Living Room and The Entire House Swiftly Caught Fire

In a jealous passion, the woman set fire to a couch in the living room, and the entire house swiftly caught fire. “While the house was on fire, the video was recorded and it was shown that she lit the couch on fire that spread, causing the home to go up in flames, as well as causing over $50,000 worth of damages,” according to the news release.

Ms. Soto Face Timed her ex-boyfriend and showed him a chair on fire inside his home, according to KSAT.com “I hope your stuff is going to be ok,” she said before hanging up the call.

BCSO Filed Two Arrest Warrants for Senaida Soto

The Fire Marshall’s office assisted BSCO with the arson investigation, according to the news release, and BCSO filed two arrest warrants for Senaida Soto.

Ms. Soto was detained at 2:30 PM on Monday for Burglary Habitation Force, a 2nd-degree felony, and Arson, a 1st-degree felony

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