A 23-year-old lady from Ohio killed her mother by bashing her with an iron skillet and stabbed her approximately 30 times in the neck because she’d been kicked out of college and didn’t want her mother to find out. Sydney Powell of Akron was convicted guilty of murder, felonious assault, and tampering with evidence in the gruesome death of Brenda Powell, 50, according to the Summit County Prosecutor’s office.

“In March of 2020, Sydney Powell struck Brenda Powell in the head with an iron skillet, then stabbed her nearly 30 times in the neck,” according to a release from the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office.

Brenda Was Found Inside Her Scudder Drive House with Significant Injuries

Powell, a former Mount Union University student, sobbing in the Summit County Common Pleas courtroom after a jury found her guilty on Wednesday, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

Brenda was found inside her Scudder Drive house with significant injuries on March 3, 2020. She was brought to the hospital and died as a result of her injuries.

Powell, according to the New York Post, attacked her mother, a child life expert at Akron Children’s Hospital, while she was on the phone with school officials.

The Defence Maintained That Powell Suffered from Schizophrenia and Hence Could Not Be Held Guilty for The Murder

According to media site, the defence maintained that Powell suffered from schizophrenia and hence could not be held guilty for the murder. One of three defence specialists who provided the diagnosis, James Reardon, claimed Sydney had a psychotic break when she killed her mother, who she had considered her greatest friend.

Sylvia O’Bradovich, a psychologist recruited by prosecutors, disputed the diagnosis, claiming that Powell did not match the legal criteria of insanity at the time of the murder. Powell suffers from mental health concerns, including borderline personality features, malingering, and anxiety condition, according to the Ms O’Bradovich.

In court, Assistant Prosecutor Brian Stano stated Describing the incident in court, Assistant Prosecutor Brian Stano said, “Sydney stopped attacking with the pan, presumably went to the kitchen with a knife,” per the Akron Beacon Journal. “She had to switch weapons and keep attacking her,”

“Just the knife just in the neck multiple times? That is purposeful,” Stano added. “That is trying to end someone.”

Powell’s sentence is set for September 28.

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