A Video of a woman preventing a 5-year-old from choking on sweets is becoming popular on social media. The video was posted to the Goodnews Movement’s Instagram account. Women held her infant boy in her arms in the video.

A woman held her infant boy in her arms in the video. She became aware that her toddler was choking on a peppermint candy. She quickly set him down and sought for assistance. A stranger then went to the boy’s aid and performed the Heimlich procedure in order to rescue him. Others quickly hurried to the scene to assist the youngster. Finally, a mother successfully performed the Heimlich manoeuvre and rescued the child.

“GOOD SAMARITAN SAVES CHOKING CHILD. This hero stepped up and saved a 5-year-old child choking on a peppermint. The immediate hug at the end from the appreciative mom,” the post’s caption stated.

The Video Has Received Over 144,000 Likes and Over 2.5 Million Views Since It Was Shared

Users applauded the woman for her foresight and the strangers who assisted her and her child in the comments section.

“I like the fact to that the guy that came over with her was almost like hey let her do her thing she knows what she’s doing. Hard to trust a stranger when it’s your kids life on the line. Awesome,” remarked one user.

“Thank God, this wonderful Woman came running. God bless her! Totally understand Moms emotions, and hugging her Angel!” Stated another.

A third user commented, “This made me emotional. As a mother, I hate seeing a parent panic because of their child in danger. It’s the absolute worst feeling and don’t wish that on anyone. Thank God he was ok in the end.”

A fourth stated, “This is people helping people. We’re all humans and we need to remember that”.

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