After an prank woman flung a pot of boiling water in his face, a guy in Russia had to face harsh consequences for a prank he perpetrated at a party. According to Russian media, the incident occurred on Sunday in Chelyabinsk, where a home party had been planned. One of the guests decided to play a joke and lobbed a smoke bomb into the kitchen, where a woman was cooking dinner. She stormed out of the smoke-filled kitchen with a pot of boiling water and splashed it on the prankster in a fit of wrath.

According to local media, the woman who chastised the man was the owner of the property where the event was held. The man was taken to the hospital with severe burns.

Prior to this incident, neighbours had complained about the noise, but the kids did not listen. They then called the cops, who imposed a fine before departing.

Upon receiving the Incident report, the police returned to the house and Questioned All of the Partygoers

However, after receiving the incident report, the police returned to the house and questioned all of the partygoers. The activities of the house’s host and owner are also being investigated, and she is anticipated to face criminal charges.

A video of the woman’s enraged reaction went viral on social media, and users responded strongly.

“For those who don’t know, he suffered third-degree burns and is currently under intensive care in the hospital. Hopefully the woman is charged appropriately,” one user said on X.

“Pretty sure his face melted off,” said another.

“And smoke bombs and smoke grenades can cause lethal fires, lung damage, and a whole host of other things. Did she escalate it? Yeah. Was what he did harmless? No,” one Reddit user said.

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