A Video of a groom angrily smashing the wedding cake in the bride’s face has gone viral. According to the New York Post, the groom smashes a large slice of cake on the bride’s face so forcefully that she loses her footing.

The Unnamed bride came to Reddit to complain about the alleged cake-smashing event, which she said ruined her wedding. The wife was so disgusted by the deed that she divorced her spouse. She explained in a now-deleted Reddit post that she had a “history with cake smashing” and that her spouse considered such films humorous.

My husband smashed cake into my face on our wedding day and I left him.
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The bride goes on to describe in a long post that when she was 17, her mother forced her face into her birthday cake, and one of the decorations ended up cutting her forehead. “As I blew out my candles, my mom pushed my head into the cake and one of the decorations on the cake ended up slicing my forehead,” the Reddit user explained. “Not enough to go to the hospital, but enough for some substantial bleeding. My birthday was ruined and after I wouldn’t come out of my room. My mom still calls me a brat for that.”

She went on to say, “I told him [her husband-to-be] if he ever did something like that to me I’d leave him. He started laughing, but I was being for real. Though, he really was not taking me seriously.”

The Spouse Ignored the Warning On the Wedding Day

The spouse ignored the warning on the wedding day “We get to the cake-cutting part and as I turn to him, he scoops up a huge chunk of our wedding cake and smashes it all over my face,” writes the bride.

Not only did the cake ruin her makeup, hair, and outfit, but it also knocked her confidence. Everyone in the crowd, including her relatives, began to laugh at her, she wrote. The bride walked outside and ordered an Uber.

“My family and his family have been blowing up my phone for days, saying I’m being childish and my husband is a good man and it was just a joke,” she explained. According to the woman’s message, her husband has also attempted to call her in order to chat and apologize.

“This was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives and he embarrassed me in front of everyone for some prank that he knew I hated,” she said.

“Not only that, he ruined a $500-dollar cake. He ruined my makeup, my hair, and the top of my dress. The cake got all over.”

Redditors Supported the Woman’s Choice to Divorce Her Husband

“This isn’t just a cake or a prank, this is flat-out disrespect. He knew how you’d react, he was just seeing it as a win-win, you either sucked it up and went along with it, and he wins because he got to do his prank, or you would do what you did and now he gets to play the victim because he’s painting you as overreacting.” A user said.

Another user stated, “You said you’d leave if he did it. He didn’t believe you. If you don’t leave you’ll be setting yourself up for a lifetime of being walked over if it amuses him.”

“The fact that he disregarded your words and boundaries and ruined your day and outfit shows how he truly is,”  a third person said in support of the bride.

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