The Blue Zones are the five regions on the planet where people live the longest and happiest lives. It comprises the Greek island of Ikaria, Japan’s Okinawa, the Italian province of Sardinia’s Ogliastra, and the Adventist settlements of Loma Linda and Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula.

Dan Bettner, a National Geographic Fellow and author, presented the Blue Zones Diet to the globe, inspired by the eating patterns of the people who live in these zones. It mostly consists of the items that the people who live there consume in order to sustain an active lifestyle and stay healthy for an extended period of time.

What is this Blue Zones Diet?

The Blue Zones diet is made up of 95% green, leafy vegetables. This will allow you to consume low-calorie, high-fiber proteins. They do, however, supply vital nutrients and antioxidants, which aid in general health during your weight reduction journey.

Leafy vegetables and legumes have a low glycaemic index, which aids in blood sugar stabilization and the prevention of energy and cravings. Including greens and legumes in your diet can help you lose weight while maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

Say NO to Processed Bread & Oil

People who live in the Blue Zone follow healthy eating practices. Thus, sourdough and multigrain bread is the preferred type of bread that they are accustomed to eat, rather than processed white flour.

These folks now choose raw olive oil over soybean or sunflower oil for cooking or pouring over salads or soups. Indians utilize soya bean or peanut oil in some way. Using extra virgin olive oil, as opposed to normal olive oil, might therefore aid in your weight reduction.

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