According to the New York Post, a police officer in the US has been suspended after a video showed him kissing a lady and joining her in the back of his squad car became popular on social media.

The video appears to show Francesco Marlett, a Prince George’s County Police officer, hugging and kissing a lady close to his car near a park. The officer then follows the woman into the rear of the truck while she grips his hand.

The Officer and The Woman Sat Inside the Cruiser for Around 40 Minutes

According to the guy who allegedly took the video, the officer and the woman sat inside the cruiser for around 40 minutes before departing the park separately. According to ABC 7News, the video seemed to be shot at Carson Park, just near Oxon Hill High School.

Cops said it’s unclear what Mr. Marlett’s connection was with the woman in the video.

Mr. Marlett Was Removed from Active Service On Tuesday After the Video became popular On TikTok

Mr Marlett was removed from active service on Tuesday after the video became popular on TikTok and other sites, according to the department. “His police powers are now suspended as the investigation continues,” the agency said in a tweet Tuesday evening.

This is not his first run-in with the law. Mr. Marlett was suspended without pay in 2016 after being charged with second-degree child abuse for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend’s kid. In May, he was also allegedly suspended for a month after being accused of domestic abuse.

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