Police apprehended a truck driver after he hit several people while fleeing from cops. The motorist had been captured doing donuts in the center of an Atlanta Junction.  On Sunday night, a black Ford F-150 performing donuts in the center of a big crowd near the junction of 17th Street and Northside Drive was seen on camera and posted on several social media sites afterward.

Following then, a Georgia State Patrol trooper came to the scene and dispersed the throng. The driver who was responsible for the donut display attempted to run from the police.

Several individuals were seen being hit by the vehicle, while others narrowly avoided it by diving out of the way.

The Police Officer Started Chasing the Trucker Involved in The Collision

The cop began after the trucker was involved in the crash, and after a brief chase, the cop caused a fleeing car to spin 180 degrees, causing the vehicle to stall and come to a stop.

The cop then draws his revolver and hops onto the bonnet of the car, grabs the guy by the arm, and hauls him out of the truck. The driver appears to be unconcerned, raising his hands as the cop turns him over and begins handcuffing him.

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