So, you got yourself in college, now the next task is actually passing it, to get a degree. While this isn’t exactly rocket science (are you studying rocket science? God save engineers), but it isn’t even that easy.

Anyway, in this blog, we shall be providing you with some tips to help you with Semester.

Plan Your Study

Plan it out, plan everything, how you would study when you would study, and for how long. If there is one thing that you can learn from batman, it is to have a plan for everything.

Doing this also let you feel control over things, and keeps confusion away. After all, you don’t want to be like, “I forgot to study that” 2 days before Examinations.

So, the better option is to plan what you will be studying in a day, then the plan over the week, and for the month too. In fact, while you are at it, you might as well plan out the whole semester. Trust us, it will be a lot better for you.

Set a Routine

While having a routine is much like having a plan, there are some subtle differences.  So, when you “plan” out your week, you still have to set a study routine. Because without discipline you aren’t going anywhere.

Here, you can point out things more preciously, like what time of the day you are going to study, and whatnot. And while we are discussing Routine, you should always remember to…….

Take Breaks

Yeah, you read that right.

There is a toxic culture going around, where taking a break is considered a lack of concentration. But it is as far from reality, as it can be.

As a matter of fact, when you are studying, and especially in college, where everything seems boring, you should take breaks. Take 5-minute breaks every half hour, or 30 minutes break every 2 hours or so.

Doing this will allow you to study better, and look forward to breaking. This trick actually works, give it a try. Let’s move to the next point.

Remove Distractions

Just so you know, you have to remove distractions like your “PHONE” while studying. And really, when you are in college, in your dorm, there are a lot of things that can distract you.

It is better that you keep them away when getting at it. The reason is that you might think you won’t use your phone, but trust us, you will.

Take a paper, and a pen, make a list of things that distracts you and then deal with them.

No one said the college will be easy.

Study with Friend(s)

So, if you have any friends in college, and if they study, invite them over. (quite big Ifs).

As it turns out, it is better to study with friends as they will help you learn new concepts, and point out what you are missing. This can help you study better in the long run. Who knows, you might actually end up making some friends.

Jokes apart, all of these trips can help you study a lot better in college, and pass at least one semester.

Best of luck.

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