These Practical Homestay Tips Will Help You Find Hidden Spy Cameras: Homestays give visitors a chance to live like a local while traveling and take full advantage of the surroundings. However, these homestays and hotels violate guest security and privacy with concealed cameras. Even if they are not in operational condition, property owners must disclose the presence of the camera when you check in. While CCTV can be installed in lobby areas of hotels and homestays, cameras can’t be installed in private areas like bathrooms and bedrooms.

You Might Keep the Following Advice in Mind for Your Upcoming Trip

Physical investigation

To begin with, always physically check the room for cameras, and improve your capacity for observations. Start by scanning places like restrooms and bedrooms for cameras. You can check wall decorations, smoke detectors, thermostats, plugs, etc.

Cover Anything Suspicious with a Cloth

Unplug any equipment you find in your room that seems strange, then cover it with a towel. You might even put it in a drawer or cabinet.

Mobile Device  

You can use your mobile device, switch off all the lights and turn on the flashlight of your mobile phone, nearly all the camera lenses even the smallest one reflect light if there is a spy camera it will definitely reflect light.

There is another trick you can do to find spy cameras, open the camera on your phone and switch off all the lights. IR light sources may often be seen by smartphone cameras. As a result, it is feasible that your phone’s infrared light could enable you to find a hidden camera.

Camera Detection Devices

Spy camera detectors may search for radio frequencies associated with covert cameras, these devices can be available online. SD cards can be used to store data.

Find another place to stay if you find a camera and report it to the front desk or police.

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