Doing some extracurricular activities in school can really help you in the long run. This is why, in this blog, we shall be discussing 5 clubs that you as a student consider joining. With this said, let’s get right into it:

Debate Club

Debate club is a rather new concept, and most of the schooling is joining in on the trend. This extracurricular not only allow you to improve speaking skills but also help you get better at building arguments.

These are a few real-life skills, that will pay off quite well later in life. Therefore, you should definitely consider joining this club while you are in school.

Improv Club

Despite being quite rare to find in most of the schools, Improv clubs are an amazing opportunity for people who have this option available to them.

The term “Improv” stands for Improvisation, and this club is all about thinking on the spot, and (of course) improvising.

As such, this game consists of a lot of games, that require you to think fast, at the same time, it should be rational, and fit a story of scenario. So, if this is something you want to do, give it a try.

Chess Club

One thing which you should know is that joining a chess club doesn’t really mean you have to fight competitions. And you can just play chess for fun, and pure enjoyment.

After all, joining a chess club, and learning how to actually play it can help you improve critical thinking, and learn multi-aspect analysis.

In addition, you also get learn how to look at things from multiple perspectives, and also improve your decision-making skills. Chess is a game that is purely based on your brainpower, and you only get better with time.

Volunteer Peer Teaching Club

Again, Volunteer teaching clubs have appeared recently, and there are many schools that are offering this opportunity.

As the name suggests, peer tutoring refers to teaching someone in your own school. This usually happens when you are good at a subject, and some student needs help with the same. This is not only a good method to help your peers, but also improve your knowledge on the same.

However, when you opt-in for Volunteer Teaching Clubs, you have to give it a lot of, what would have been your free time. If you are fine with that, you should consider joining this club.

Any Sports Team/ Club

Lastly, if there is any sports club in your school, you should join it. Even if you are not an athletic person, you should definitely give it a try.

There are two benefits that you get from doing this. The first one is that you get your body moving, and get to learn a lot about thinking about staying active. This doesn’t only keep you fit, but also try something new. Who knows, you might like it in the long run?

On the other hand, doing some sport will also add another line to your resume, and make it look complete.

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