So, you finally made a move, and have a first date, soon. But not exactly prepared for it? well, well, you aren’t the only one. And we are here to help you. Here, we shall be looking at, 5 tips to help you with your first date.

Plan it out

For someone who is soon going on their first date, it is quite important to have a well-laid out plan. It doesn’t matter if you guys are going to a fancy restaurant, amusement park, or just your neighborhood park, you need a plan.

Knowing when to do, and what to do, will make you feel more confident, and avoid unpleasant surprises. While it is also true that you have to improvise at a lot of places, having a plan is always better than having no plan.

Another plus point is that, having a plan will let your partner know that you are a responsible person who plans things out, which is a much-valued quality.

It’s also about Friendship

See, if you find yourself getting too nervous over your first date, then tell yourself this: he or she isn’t your date, but also your friend.

After all, this is true, there is much more to a relationship, and friend is one of the most important elements. Thus, tell yourself, you are going to meet a friend. This will let you treat her in the most natural way, as you would treat a close friend.

Know Their Interests

Knowing the interest of your partner before taking them on their first date, is a really good idea. Learning what they like to eat, read, play, how they want to spend their time, will let you make the first date 100 times better.

In addition, it will also let you gain confidence as you already know it is going to be good. Not just this, you should also learn their point of interest, as it will make the conversation quite interesting for both of you, and you won’t find yourself out of words.

Thank us later.

Let them Know You Are Nervous

Honesty is the best policy, and this applies everywhere.

If you are nervous about your first date, you should let your date know it. After all, they will know it anyway when they meet you, and you are meeting unnatural. So, let your partner know, “I feel a bit nervous”.

And if you are smart enough, you can twist it in your favor like, “I am nervous because you look so beautiful.

See, being anxious is inevitable, and being honest will send out a good message. In fact, being honest with each other is the first sign of a good relationship. The nervousness will also wear off with time.

Seek Advice

We all have that one friend who has dated tons of guys or girls and has been on a thousand dates. So, ask them for advice, they won’t say no, (hopefully). Even if you don’t have such a friend, a piece of advice from anyone else who has some experience in the field would also work.

With this, you are all ready for your first date! Best of Luck.

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