A chocolate maker created an item that might be any chocolate lover’s dream in order to set a world record. According to the Guinness World Record, the brand Russell Stover situated in the USA broke the record with a massive chocolate-filled package weighing around 5,616.27 lbs.

The chocolate-filled box measured 30.43 ft x 15.41 ft x 1.55 ft and was unveiled in Kansas City Missouri, USA.

This Incredible Concoction Was Loaded with Nine Distinct Scrumptious Chocolate Flavors

This incredible concoction was loaded with nine distinct scrumptious chocolate flavors like caramel, coconut cluster, fruit and nut caramel, peanut cluster, pecan pleasure, raspberry creme, strawberry creme, toffee, and truffle, in addition to a massive quantity of chocolate-covered almonds.

Russell Stover employed a total of 205 gigantic chocolate pieces made at the Russell Stover factories to achieve the minimum weight necessary to break the record.

During the official work, each piece of chocolate was weighed, and while lesser portions weighed around 10 lb., some of the largest pieces weighed more than 35 lb.

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