One of the most popular AI techniques nowadays is ChatGPT, which is also a hot topic. Almost nothing is beyond the capabilities of ChatGPT. Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer is the official name of the technology. This most rapidly expanding AI technology is created by Open AI, an AI research organization.

This Chatbot has recently gained a lot of attention once more after officiating a US couple’s wedding on a Saturday. Now a couple in Colorado has been able to officiate their wedding because of ChatGPT’s outstanding capabilities.

A Wedding ceremony was led by a Machine

Reece Wiench (age 23) and Deyton Truitt (age 26), who reside in the US, wed last week. It is unexpected to discover that a machine presided over their wedding ceremony. In addition to officiating the wedding, this AI-based technology also moved the audience with its heartfelt opening and closing statements. There are just approximately 30 members of close relatives and friends present for this ceremony.

This AI-based speaker was standing right between the couple and had a robotic appearance.

Heartfelt statements by Chatbot Speaker 

AI-based robot welcomed the guests with the following speech-

“Thank you all for joining us today to celebrate the extraordinary love and unity of Reece Alison Wrench and Deyton Truitt,” the bot said through a speaker.

“We are honored and grateful to every one of you here, especially those who have traveled out of state – notably, Kansas,” the bot further said.

The fact that this couple lives in a state, that does not require a licensed marriage is something else that came to light. Consequently, they were able to have this special wedding ceremony.

What did Couple say about their wedding?

Social media platforms around the world are buzzing about this unique wedding. The couple said that they started planning the wedding a week ago. The couple further added that claimed that they had previously informed the guests that ChatGPT would perform the marriage ceremony.

The AI-generated Chatbot first indicated hesitation to officiate the wedding before it even began. The Chatbot stated, “Sorry, I can’t do this. I don’t have eyes, I don’t have a body, I can’t show up and officiate your wedding.”. Later on, though, everything went off without any difficulties.

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