On October 13, a gang of teenagers attacked a Tesla as it attempted to flee “out-of-control street takeover” in Chicago, US, according to a viral video. It is unknown why the cars were especially targeted. However, no one was injured, according to the police, and an inquiry has been initiated. According to the New York Post, no arrests have yet been made.

A group of young guys are seen sitting on top of the cars and posing for photographs in the nonviral video, forcing the driver to honk to get the gang off his car. As the driver attempts to pull his Tesla forward, the furious crowd begins to bash on the white car hood.

The Teens Also Wore Black Masks to Prevent Being Spotted

The teens also wore black masks to prevent being spotted. The footage then switches to two automobiles performing donuts on the opposite side of the road. According to the New York Post, about 100 teens were present at the scene. The Tesla driver then tries to push his way through the throng, which appears to be preoccupied. He looks to have hit one person, as he is seen sliding on the ground as the white car passes by. As the youngsters rush behind it, the driver sideswipes a parked grey car and attempts to flee the scene. In the video, a man screams, “F*** this car up.” The car’s side mirror is noticeably damaged at this point.

Several Police Officers Were Present at The Scene

Several police officers were present at the scene, according to another video published on X, previously Twitter. One of them says to the gang, “Hey, back it up, back it up.” According to a Chicago police spokeswoman, “a 33-year-old male and a 33-year-old female were inside a vehicle at the above location when they were approached by several unknown individuals who began to damage the vehicle while the victims remained inside.”

The Video Has Received 22 Million Views and Over 68,000 Likes

The video has received 22 million views and over 68,000 likes since it was uploaded.

“I don’t blame the driver. how are you going to sit on someone’s car and get mad they tried to get you off?” said one user.

“I think @elonmusk was ahead of his time and knew what he was doing when he introduced the bullet proof glass on the Cyber Truck,” said another person.

“I’ll never understand people wanting to live in these cities,” stated another.

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