Motherhood brings you a lot of changes, both to your physical and mental health. A lot of changes in the body begin to occur, particularly during the postpartum period, which may have an impact on your health. Nowadays, the issue of unexpected hair loss is rather prevalent. According to health experts, a mother’s body experiences several hormonal changes after giving birth, which can lead to hair loss.

According to some medical reports, various hormone levels in the body begin quickly declining after giving birth. This majorly happens due to the hormones like estrogen and progesterone. After some time, some of them reach a Normal level. These hormones, however, couldn’t always be properly recovered in specific cases. As a result, hair starts to fall out quickly.

If you are also experiencing a similar issue, you may easily use these Effective Home Remedies-

1. Apply Egg & Olive Oil Pack

To prevent postpartum hair fall, make a hair pack by mixing egg whites and olive oil. Applying it strengthens the hair and can reduce its breakage. Hair needs sufficient nutrients. For this, you should start consuming more foods containing protein and Vitamin E which can help in keeping the hair strong.

2. Consume a Protein-Enriched Diet

Women require additional nutrition after giving birth, and they need to consume a variety of nutrients, including protein to recover fast. These foods mostly consist of fish, soybeans, eggs, lean meats, and many more. Your body and hair will be healthier if you include these items in your diet. However, before consuming this cuisine, you should consult your Gynae first.

3. Apply Beetroot Juice

One of the greatest sources of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber is beetroot. Due to its high vitamin and mineral content, beetroot juice has several health advantages. Its Pulp is very beneficial for giving your hair the nutrients it needs and for reducing hair loss. Beetroot juice can be directly applied or consumed as a drink to improve the strength and health of your hair.

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