AI has made tremendous advances in creativity, influencing fields like art, music, literature, design, and others. It is fast revolutionizing the realm of creation, allowing for new forms of artistic expression and empowering individuals to create in previously unimaginable ways. AI-powered technologies are being utilized to create creative material in various disciplines, such as music, art, literature, and cinema.

AI & film making are about to become incredible
byu/pluto_N inIndiaTech

A recent Reddit post demonstrated AI’s transformational influence on static photos, demonstrating how it may be crucial in transforming a still image into a dynamic motion picture.

The Social Media Post Drew Several Fascinating Reactions from People

The social media post drew several fascinating reactions from people, leading to a heated discussion.

“I think in order to animate the selected portion and make it believable, you need to add minimal animation to the rest of the image,” a person said.

“This terrifying goddammit It will be beautiful in its early stages, but it’s not getting good for future years,”  commented another user.

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