Lips, like eyes, lend character to the face. When we talk, they are the center of attention. Along with the other facial characteristics, the lips help to balance the face. In terms of attractiveness, effective lip makeup may improve the beauty of the face. In reality, makeup may help contour the lips so that they complement the rest of the face. The skin of the lips is fragile and thin. It does not have any oil glands.

In the dry season, this causes it to become dry and chapped. After washing your face, softly wipe your lips with a soft cloth to remove dead skin. Every day, apply cream of milk and let it on for an hour.

Quick Makeup Tips for Plump Pouty Lips

How to Make Your Lips Look Thicker?

  • To make small lips look thicker, draw the lip line a bit above and below the tip and lower lip using a lip pencil. Then, using a lip brush, fill in the gaps with color.
  • The lip pencil should only be one shade darker than the lipstick, lips seem thicker when using light tints and gloss.
  • To make the thick look slimmer, draw the lip within the natural lip line with the lip pencil.
  • Then, using a lip brush, fill in the gaps with color. Matte lipsticks complement full lips. Avoid glossy lipsticks and pastel colors.
  • If your lips are sagging, use the lip pencil to lift the corners of your mouth by lifting the outline slightly higher at the corners.
  • Apply lipstick all over the lips, except the center, to create the illusion of a pout. Then, in the middle, add a lighter coloured lip gloss

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