We recently came across a lot of questions girls are afraid to ask guys. And in this blog, we shall be looking at a few of those. With this being said, let’s get right into it:

What is the First Thing You Notice In A Girl?

Well, firstly, it’s not what you think it is. The answer is, and it might surprise you, “Your Face”.  Most guys will notice your face first.  (exception being some perverts)

And with this, our next question is…

Makeup or No Make-Up?

You have to agree, the debate on makeup has been around for a while, and boy if it’s not intense.

Well, as things stand, most guys prefer either natural makeup or none at all. While it’s true that not everyone is subjected to this statement, this is what the majority says. And at the end of the day, guys don’t really care about the makeup on your face.

It is what it is.

How Would You Feel if your Girlfriend has a lot of guy friends?

How would you feel if your girlfriend has a lot of guy friends? Well, pretty normal I guess. Given! That it’s a healthy relationship.

You see, if you are guy friends who are constantly flirting with you, giving signs that are not… too good, there are going to be problems. And guys understand guys just by looks, so that’s how it is.

What is Your Idea For A Perfect First Date?

This is going to be quite easy to answer. Sit down, comfortably, doesn’t have to be something too fancy. And TALK!

First dates are meant to help you meet each other. So, wherever you have planned to go, a good conversation and getting to know each other will make the “Perfect” first date.

Would you like it, If the Girl made the first move?

Well, well, guys love girls who are confident. Because confidence is attractive as hell!

Every guy knows it takes serious guts to make the first move, and if you girls are doing it, don’t think twice.

What are your plans for marriage?

One of the main questions girls are afraid to ask guys is this, “What do you think about marriage?”.

See, it doesn’t take a degree in psychology to understand that every lady wants to know if she’s with the right guy or not. And a smart lady won’t waste her time with someone who doesn’t share the same ideas about marriage.

If they say, they do plan to marry, the next natural question is…

Do you want children?

If you don’t already know, there is something called baby fever.

Regardless, any girl would want to know, if you plan on having babies or not. After all, it’s better to ask this before you make things permanent, than get surprised by these revelations later.

What are The best things, and Worst Things about being born A boy?

While it is not strictly about dating or relationships, but this is for sure one of those awkward questions to ask a guy.

Since women have a bunch of hardships that they have faced based on their genders, it’s natural to think that guys might have some too.

What Can I do to gain Your Trust?

Everyone has their checklist, which someone has to fulfill in order to gain their trust, especially men (Others just rely on their intuition and gut feelings). So, knowing how a girl can gain his trust, is pretty comforting if you ask me.

What are the signs, that you are uninterested in a girl?

Girls aren’t the only ones who are hard to understand. Truth be told, it works both ways. So, it’s natural when a girl wants to know this.

How Do You Feel About Periods?

Needless to say, periods are natural and perfectly normal. In fact, this question should not be asked. But since society has made it a taboo, this is the answer.

Bottom Line

With this, we are done with our list of questions girls are afraid to ask guys. If there is a question that you have always wanted to ask a guy but couldn’t, comment it below.  

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