Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Indian players’ dressing room following his country’s loss in the World Cup Final and encouraged the team.

Shree Narendra Modi comforted Mohammed Shami by hugging him. Jadeja additionally released a social media post about his meeting with the PM. Meanwhile, a video showing the PM talking with every player in the dressing room has also gone viral. He also interacted with other team players and coach Rahul Dravid. However, he also invited the entire team for a meetup in Delhi.

Check out PM Modi’s Viral Video-

PM Modi’s Remarks to Rohit and Virat

The Prime Minister encouraged Captain Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. “You guys came back after winning all 10 games; keep doing this, smile, brother; the nation is watching you guys,” he said.

The PM also spoke with Rahul Dravid, the team’s coach, saying, “You guys worked hard, but it keeps going on.” In addition, PM shakes hands with Jadeja after meeting him. The PM spoke in Gujarati to Jadeja.

Afterwards in the Video, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hugged Mohammed Shami and remarked, “You did well this time.” The prime minister gave Shami a back pat in congratulations. In addition, he spoke with Bumrah and said, “You must be speaking Gujarati,” to which Bumrah somewhat agreed.

Players shared photos with PM Modi

The players had previously posted pictures from their meeting and discussion with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mohammed Shami also uploaded a picture of himself hugging the prime minister and then breaking down in tears.

“Unfortunately, yesterday was not our day,” Shami wrote on X. I want to express my gratitude to all of the Indian supporters who helped me and our team win the tournament. I am grateful to the PM in particular, who visited the dressing room and encouraged us. We’ll be back.”

The picture of Ravindra Jadeja’s meeting with Prime Minister Modi was also shared. PM and Jadeja are seen shaking hands in this picture. “Our tournament was very good, but yesterday we lost,” Jadeja wrote. We are all depressed, but we are inspired by people’s support. The PM’s visit to the dressing room yesterday was special and very inspiring.

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