While restaurants throughout the world experiment with new themes to attract customers, a Japanese restaurant has adopted an unusual practice to keep people’s attention. People willingly get smacked on the face before having their meals served at Nagoya’s Shachihoko-ya. Kimono-clad waitresses repeatedly smack a consenting customer in the face with their palms for a modest 300 Japanese Yen. There is also a 500 yen fee if a specific staff member is requested to smack them. Both Japanese men and women, as well as international visitors, like the service.

Bangkok Lad took to the Twitter to share a video of the famed eatery, writing, ”This is Shachihokoya – a restaurant in Nagoya – where you can buy a menu item called ‘Nagoya Lady’s Slap’ for 300 yen.”  The video has received thousands of views, with online users responding with amusing reactions and comments.

”The harder the female staff slapped them, the more excited the patrons became. Not only were the patrons not angry, but they appeared to feel more relaxed after getting hit. They would even thank the staff member who smacked them,” said the YouTube video narration on the ‘Save Your Money in Japan’ channel.

The Restaurant Has Officially Stopped Its Face-Smacking Service

Notably, the contentious service, which began in 2012, helped to revitalize the establishment’s profitability, drawing an increasing number of customers eager to taste the experience. Initially, just one female employee was slapping. As demand increased, management employed several girls who were eager to deal out some slaps.

However, after several recordings of the odd service went viral, the restaurant has officially stopped its face-smacking service. The eatery warned visitors not to come expecting to get smacked in a post on X.

”Shachihoko-ya presently does not offer slaps,” stated the message. We appreciate the attention it has received today, but we cannot accommodate visits with the intention of receiving slaps. We did not expect old videos to go viral like this, so please understand before coming.”

It is unclear whether the service will be reinstated soon or whether it has been canceled entirely.

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