With the assistance of two police officers, a man from the United States proposed to his girlfriend. The video of the incident is becoming popular on the internet, and it reveals how the cops staged a surprise arrest of the man, followed by a beautiful moment.

“You never know what’s going to happen at a traffic stop,” they captioned the photo.

The video begins with a police officer pulling a car stop. He then motions for him to exit the vehicle. Later, another officer requests that the man’s girlfriend leave. While the second cop is speaking with the girlfriend, the first officer pretends to arrest the man. The woman turns to ask the second officer what’s going on, not realizing she’s in for a surprise. The male is then seen getting down on one knee and proposing. After realizing what was happening, the woman grins and says, “Yes.” Towards the conclusion, the couple expresses gratitude to the policemen for assisting them in celebrating the important event.

The Video Has Received Over 33,000 Views and A Thousand Likes Since It Was Shared

“Thank you so much, ECPD! I’m glad you had the video because I barely remember what I said. Neither Moriah and I have been able to stop smiling!” remarked Troy Goldschmidt, the man in the video.

“This is super awesome! Congrats to the couple and yay ECPD for having a fun stop!!!” said one.

“That was so incredible. Nice to see the ECPD having exciting stops too. Nice work,” said one user.

“Awe.. so sweet. I loved how calm she was through the entire process. Congratulations to the couple,” one person commented.

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