Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are known as one of the Hot Couples of B-Town. Since the pair has been dating for more than 5 years, all of their hardcore fans are impatiently awaiting their marriage ceremony. Despite their age gap, the couple shows immense love and appreciation. However, there has recently been a rumor going around that the pair broke up.

The actor’s name is now being linked to another divorcéed actress amid the news of Arjun-Malaika’s Breakup. It’s none other than Kusha Kapila, the actress who got separated from her spouse Zorawar Ahluwalia in June. The rumored relationship between Arjun Kapoor and Kusha Kapila has been the subject of viral news stories over the past several days. However, Kusha Kapila has now spoken out in response to these claims.

Here’s what she had to say about the news-

“Meri Mummy Na Padh Le” – Kusha Kapila

She expressed her views in the comment section of a post to put an end to these false accusations about her relationship status.

She wrote- Roz Apne Baare Mein Itni Bakwas Padh Kar Mujhe Apna Khud Se Ek Formal Introduction Karwana Padega (I have to get a formal introduction done by myself after reading so much nonsense about myself every day).

Kusha Kapila's Reaction Viral
Kusha Kapila’s Reaction Viral

Kusha further added -“Every time I read sh*t about myself I just hope and Pray ki Meri Mummy Na Padh le Yeh Sab. Her social life will take a hit”

How Did Kusha-Arjun’s Names Linked?

The viral image of Kusha Kapila and Arjun Kapoor started the entire rumor. This photo was taken at Karan Johar’s residence during the party. Everyone was present in this photo, including Kusha Kapila, Arjun Kapoor, and Karan Johar. Malaika Arora, meanwhile, wasn’t present in the images. Following this, Kusha Kapila’s name began to be linked with Arjun Kapoor. However, Kusha Kapila’s remark has been corrected to clarify that the report is nothing more than a rumor.

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