Farmers contribute significantly to India’s economic development. But these days, we frequently hear about the issues that farmers are experiencing. Farmers had to deal with a variety of issues, such as financial crises or debt, as well as obtaining an unfair price for their crops. We get depressed by hearing such news, and we develop an image of farmers as being sad and helpless. This isn’t always true, though. Successful farmers do exist, and a video of one such farmer has recently gone Viral.

Sujith, an Instagram user who works as a farmer, uploaded this video. He stated in his bio that he has been farming for the past ten years. He has won multiple awards and recognition from the state government in addition to this. As per the reports, he is a resident of Kerala. Recently, he shared a video (Farmer Audi Car Viral Video) which is quite shocking. Sujith is seen in this video peddling veggies in an Audi. Other farmers have been feeling optimistic and inspired as a result of this viral video.

Have a Look at this Viral Video-

Farmer Selling the Vegetables in Audi A4

In this viral video, Sujith drives his white Audi to the vegetable market. He then parked the car and removed his lungi to entirely transform into a vegetable seller. He puts on a t-shirt and half-pants before removing plastic foil from an auto rickshaw and loading it with all the farm’s fresh veggies. Then he starts offering the veggies for sale to everyone who enters. He wears their lungi once again after selling the vegetables, loads the foil onto the auto-rickshaw, and then leaves the area in his Audi.

In the video, Mr Sujith is shown picking red spinach, loading it onto an Auto rickshaw, and driving his Audi A4 to the market.

Video Received a Lot of Appreciation

This Viral Video has received more than 78 lakh Views and lots of comments from people. Netizens appreciated the farmer for his commitment and hard work which are the key factors to his success.

One person said, “Great inspiration for young ones who perceive agriculture. Another person said, “From spinach to Audi = Dedication.”

Another person added, “This is the motivation,” while a third stated, “There are no words to say… You are a good role model.”

Sujith, meanwhile, is a well-known figure on social media. The farmer from Kerala is renowned for raising awareness online about cutting-edge agricultural methods and cultivating a variety of crops. He is followed by 203K people on Instagram.

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