Throughout her career, actress Kangana Ranaut received attention from the media due to her words and actions. Her most recent movie, Tejas, centered on the Air Force, was just released. Fans have varying opinions on the movie. However, it is anticipated that this patriotic picture will end up with a massive collection. Following the release of her latest movie, Kangana surprised her fans once more with a major update.

Kangana Ranaut has been promoting her latest film, Tejas, for the past few weeks. The movie is generating a lot of buzz among the audience. During the promotions, Kangana shared the big updates about her upcoming projects. In this list, the actress added her most popular film of hers that is Tanu Weds Manu. This is Kangana Ranaut’s most successful film to date. Read the Full Story Here-

Actress Shares Update on the Film

In an interview with IMDb, the actor claimed that she is already set to feature in three more movies in the future. The first one will star Vijay Sethupathi. Kangana also announced her comeback in Tanu Weds Manu 3. Kangana was questioned about her future projects during an interview with IMDb. She answered-

“I am starting a thriller with Vijay Sethupathi sir,” And a movie named Noti Binodini. Tanu Weds Manu 3 is another one”. She Added

What is the Storyline of Film ‘Tejas’?

The plot of Tejas revolves around Tejas Gill, an Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot who inspires and fosters a great feeling of pride in every Indian. It depicts the devotion and struggles that IAF pilots confront as they continuously safeguard the country.

Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut’s movies have not done well in recent years. In this situation, it would be interesting to see how Kangana Ranaut’s film Tejas does at the box office.

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