Jeremy Renner, the Hollywood actor who escaped being crushed beneath a snowmobile on New Year’s Day, gave an update on his ongoing recovery. The 52-year-old actor posted a shot and video to his Instagram story showing tubes in his nose while using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and the actor working out his titanium-filled legs. Jeremy Renner was crushed by a 7-tonne snowmobile in January, breaking more than 30 bones. He spent a few weeks in the hospital and has been healing at home since then.

The most recent Instagram post was captioned “Sending love from O2 chamber”. The video he shared carried the caption, “Knees/ankles recalibrating. Strengthening around the titanium to set up for later rounds in life.”

Mr. Renner Stated That He Used a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Twice a Day

Earlier this month, Mr. Renner stated that he used a hyperbaric oxygen chamber twice a day. These chambers produce an atmosphere in which users may breathe 100% oxygen rather than the 21% present in the air. They help in the healing process by helping the lungs to absorb more oxygen and transport it into circulation.

In April, the actor told the New York Times that he had “lost a lot of flesh and bone” but “has been refilled with love and titanium”

The Actor Was Rushed to The Hospital in an Air Ambulance

The actor was rushed to the hospital in an air ambulance and treated in intensive care.

He paid a visit to the hospital workers who saved his life after the accident in April. In addition, he returned to the red carpet in Los Angeles for the launch of his Disney+ program Rennervations.

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