Salena Gomez attended the MTV VMAs recently, and her appearance was overshadowed by her response to Chris Brown being named as a candidate in the best R&B video category. We mean everything even her and Taylor Swift’s reunion. Memes based on her reaction quickly became popular on social media. In her most recent Instagram post, the singer addressed the memes, writing “I will never be a meme again. I’d rather sit still than be dragged for being myself. Much love.”

I Will Never Be a Meme Again The statement by her has split the internet. While some supported the singer. The opposing viewpoints hold that memes should not be taken seriously.

What People Are Saying

“Memes don’t matter,” one X  user remarked adding,  “I loved her authentic reactions, they were very relatable. It’s nothing to be ashamed of Selena Gomez. Laugh at yourself girl! Meme’s don’t matter.”

“I’m all for Selena. but Selena Gomez is not a victim. Y’all, her fans run so deep you can’t even breathe wrong in her direction without someone having something to say. so what if we laugh at her reaction to the vmas? or people create memes? lol,” Another one to read.

Another user commented, “Selena Gomez saying she’ll never be a meme again is regrettably making her a meme again.”

Another heated take: “Selena Gomez is my favorite meme.”

“Selena Gomez and I share the same fear of becoming a meme,” one person remarked.

“I’m sorry but Selena Gomez is NOT a meme. She is truly an angel. Yall got to stop being mean,” said another.

Some of the singer’s fans agreed with him. “Selena Gomez, you are not a meme if you need some on to talk to I’m a tweet away,” one user said.

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