Well, there are a lot of girls on the internet, who want to know how to get rid of broad shoulders. And the answer to this question is, “working out, and losing weight”. While it is not necessary that you have broad shoulders due to excess weight, but it is the primary reason in most cases. And if can’t be fixed with exercise, we have bad news for you.

But let’s not get into that part, and focus on exercise. So, in this blog, we shall be looking at four different set exercises that a lady can do to make her shoulders look less broad. Each of the exercises is specially dedicated to this purpose. With this being said, we shall be starting our discussion with the first exercise, named Shoulder roller:

Shoulder Roller

Shoulder rollers are an exercise that is exactly what its name says it is, just like any other exercise.

You start by laying down flat on your belly and putting your hands behind your hand. Then going to lay your hands on your chest, you will do this again and again for a few seconds. Once this is done, you are going to roll over and onto your shoulder slowly.

With this, you have finished one shoulder roller. Repeat it a few times, and insets for better effectiveness. And this is how to get rid of bulky shoulders.


The second exercise we shall be discussing is Incline. And this is without a doubt one of the exercises that will help you get rid of broad shoulders quite smoothly.  This exercise is specifically designed for this purpose, so you know it’s quite effective.

Here is how to do it: your arms should be hanging down, so they are over your shoulders, then you are going to raise your shoulders back up in place. It is as simple as that.


Every one of us knew that pushups were going to appear on this list sooner or later. And why not, this is one of the best ways to directly target your shoulders while working out. In addition, it is also one of the most popular exercises, that every kid knows how to do.

We probably don’t even need to tell you how to do it, because you already know. Yet we’ll tell you anyway. All you need to do is hold on to a push-up bra, and lift both of your feet off of the ground, and then repeat it in sets of 10 or 15, whatever is comfortable with you.

Cardio Exercise

When you ask a gym trainer how to get rid of broad shoulders, their first, and favorite answer would be Cardio.

While cardio doesn’t refer to any particular exercise, there are a number of exercises involved in it. but we recommended something that has a lot of jumping and moving. The base idea here is to shed as much weight as possible.

You must have noticed that all of the exercises either deals with directly hitting the shoulder area, or shedding the overall weight. And with this, we have also come to the end of our blog.

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