The first day of school can be a nightmare or a fairy tale, but that depends on whether the kid is prepared or not. And this is why, we are here to help you prepare you, and your kid, for the first day of what’s going to be an age-long journey. With this being said, let’s get started.

Give The School a Visit

In some schools, there is a norm where teachers invite families to visit, ahead of time. And even if your kids’ school doesn’t do it, you should take the initiative and go visit the school.

See the building, the classroom, cafeteria, playground, meet the teachers, grow a little familiar with the place. in fact, you should also consider inviting the teacher over to your house.

What this does is that, this will allow you, and your kid to grow familiar with the school, and staff.  Confidence is a good thing to start your first day of school with, won’t you agree?

Read About it

Your kid is as ready for the first day of school as you are. So, learning about how to prepare your kid for the first day of school is how you do it.

In simpler words, read about “first day of school”. Learn new things, what to do, and what not to do. Because you can only teach your child what you know. Get the point? Right?

Read books, read blogs, there are literally thousands of pages, websites, videos, podcasts about it, and that’s how to do it.

Talk to Them

Talk to the kid.

Ask them how to feel, tell them how to make friends, how and who teachers are, and what all things will they be doing. Chances are, they will be so filled with excitement, that they won’t be anxious, even if they are, it’s only natural.

After all, from this point onwards, your child will face a lot of things by themselves, they need to prepare.

Practice It

Practice school! Get up early, wake your kid up, bath them, get them dressed, team them how to get dressed, cook breakfast, and so on, you get the gist of it.

Doing what one would do on a normal school day, will help the kid get in the flow, and normalize it. Because I wouldn’t wake up to go to school at 7 a.m. all of sudden when I used to sleep in late, and I am sure neither will your kid.

Therefore, practicing it all is a good idea.

While you are at it, you might as well make a schedule “on paper” and paste it on a small wall. So, you and your kid won’t miss out on anything.

Teach Them Self-Help Skills

While you can help your child dress and undress at home, you won’t be standing out of their classroom when they want to pie.

This will help them build confidence, and do it for themselves when the moment shows itself.

Favorite Snack  

It would be a good way to prepare your kid for school by putting their favorite snack in their lunch box. They will be so excited to eat the snack; it will make their whole day.

School Shopping!!!

Well, we saved the best part for the last.

When I was a kid, what I loved about going to school and going back to school is SHOPPING. Who doesn’t love all those nice clothes and things?

Chances are, doing back-to-school shopping, will help your child join in on the back-to-school norm, and win their first day at the school.

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