A lovely video has gone viral, showing a Golden Retriever puppy relaxing on a nice bed while watching a phone video. The comfortable puppy, concentrating on the television, appears satisfied. This lovely moment touched many people, emphasizing the particular bond we enjoy with these playful companions and the delight gained through everyday pleasures.


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The Instagram page Animals Lover posted the puppy video with the message, “Is this how everyone spends their weekends?”

The Video Has Received Over 9 Million Views and More Than 27,000 Comments on Instagram

“Mobile phones first ruined humans, and now dogs,” wrote one user.

“So this is what reincarnation looks like if you come back as a puppy,” another user said.

“Every day, I think more and more that dogs know everything, but they pretend they don’t know how to work,” said a third member of the community.

People adore watching dog videos because they make them happy. Seeing these cute animals enjoying fun or accomplishing something remarkable simply warms our hearts and puts a smile on our faces.

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