McDonald’s customers were a bit surprised when they discovered the ingredients in one of their most popular menu items: sweet and sour sauce. Despite the fact that the’shocking revelation’ has been revealed previously, it has now attracted renewed attention.

Jase and Lauren, two Australian radio DJs, were the most recent to reveal the dip’s contents. According to the New York Post, host Lauren emphasized that the sauce is created from a specific fruit.

“Would you believe it is actually… apricot flavour?’ she said on her show.

Apricot Puree Is a Key Ingredient in The Sauce

According to the McDonald’s UK website, apricot puree is a key ingredient in the sauce. Other components that are surprising include high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, modified food starch, dextrose, xanthan gum, sodium Benzoate (preservative), cellulose gum, dried chilli peppers, caramel color, and paprika extractives (color).

According to the McDonald’s website, the sauce has a’sweet/sour apricot flavour, lightly spiced with a sour aftertaste.’

TikTok Users Were Shocked When They Discovered It

“You have now ruined my favourite McDonald’s sauce,” one disgruntled viewer complained, while another remarked, “Ummm…I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear this.”

Meanwhile, McDonald’s UK chief claimed Tuesday that the US fast-food giant receives “one to two” sexual harassment claims from employees every week, vowing to address the issue recently uncovered by the BBC.

McDonald’s UK and Ireland CEO Alistair Macrow told a parliamentary committee that the chain’s management gets about five allegations of bullying every week.He described his colleagues’ allegations of harassment and bigotry as “truly horrific and difficult to listen to.”

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