This may be good news for you if you are the one who adores traveling. The largest obstacle to traveling abroad is getting a visa. On the other hand, Indians do not require a visa for entry into certain nations. These nations have a lot of tourist attractions that will add to the enjoyment of your journey.

A visa application and approval procedure may take a while. We frequently postpone our plans to go out because of this reason. But that’s no longer the case. In today’s article, we’ll highlight a few countries where obtaining a visa won’t be a hassle. India is currently ranked 137th on the passport index. Consequently, Indians can now visit numerous countries without a visa.

So, check out these major countries where Indian citizens can travel without a Visa-


Traveling to Malaysia is highly recommended. Malaysia recently declared that visitors from India are not required to have a visa in order to enter the nation. You can explore a variety of locations here, including the stunning Langkawi Island, Mount Kinabalu, and Pangkor Island. These stunning settings will leave you feeling renewed.


Some of the main tourist destinations in this area are Tamarind Water Falls, Black River Gorges, La Cambusa, Mont Choisy Beach, and Trou aux Beach. These locations are so breathtaking that you won’t want to leave. Furthermore, you can engage in other sports like snorkeling here.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an incredibly picturesque destination. Indian nationals can study here without a visa. No visa is required for Indian nationals to study here. In addition, don’t forget to enjoy the breathtaking views of Sigiriya, one of the World Heritage Sites. The Temple of Tooth, the Nine Arch Bridge, and Yala National Park are some stunning locations in Sri Lanka.


Thailand is a very beautiful country with unique beaches and a rich cultural heritage. In addition, it has some of the most breathtaking settings, including shopping centers, rural retreats, and Buddhist temples. Furthermore, some of the most thrilling things in the nation are the vibrant local markets, friendly locals, and delicious Thai cuisine. Thailand is well-known for its nightlife as well.

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