A Barbie doll is still one of the first toys given to a young girl. A 62-year-old super fan from Germany, on the other hand, has pushed her passion for Barbie to new heights with amazing 18500 dolls. In 2005, Bettina Dorfmann achieved the Guinness world record for the largest Barbie collection. She surpassed Tony Mattia of the UK who has 1125 Barbie dolls with her 2500 doll collection. Her collection has expanded steadily since then, and she now has 18,500 of them. She is also already given dolls from the Barbie movie.

“I love Barbie dolls because I played with them in my childhood, and it was a very good time for me,” she told Guinness.

Ms. Dorfmann Began Collecting Dolls Truly in 1993

Ms. Dorfmann began collecting dolls truly in 1993, but she received her first doll when she was five years old, in 1966. She owns a large collection of antique dolls, the most valuable of which is an authentic 1959 Barbie.

She has made life by displaying her dolls and publishing books on Barbie. She also maintains a “Doll Hospital” where she restores dorrs for the other people.

”In the 90s I started repairing my own dolls and buying replacement parts for them, such as arms and legs. I did it for myself because I like crafting and repairing. Collectors at toy trade fairs began asking if I could help restore their dolls’ hair and make-up or replace missing eyelashes. When they asked what it cost, I asked for things I needed such as dolls’ shoes. From there it just grew and grew.” she told Guinness of her repair of the business.

She charges anything from $5.60 for on-the-spot repairs to $336.01 for more intricate repairs that need more time and effort.

Ms. Dorfmann’s fondness for Barbie was passed down to her own daughter, who liked playing with dolls as a child.


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