Starbucks is a global icon that serves a wide range of delectable beverages. A recently sacked employee exacted insidious revenge on the corporation by revealing every drink’s formula on social media. The stolen menu photographs include exact amounts, syrup kinds, and ice proportions, providing step-by-step instructions for creating Starbucks beverages.

”A Starbucks employee got fired and she posted every Starbucks drink recipe. you’re welcome,”  the discussion on X was labeled. The topic covers everything from cold brew to frappes.

Many People Cheered at The Prospect of Being Able to Make Their Favorite Starbucks Beverages at Home

Naturally, the pictures have gone viral, and many people have been thrilled to learn that they can now make their favorite Starbucks beverages at home. Several individuals bookmarked and saved the conversation for future reference.

One user responded and said, “Recipes!!! Starbucks lovers.. this thread is a gift for y’all!! This is what happens when u treat your employees like trash.. pay them low wages, don’t give them employee benefits, and penalize them for forming a union!”.

Another person said, ”Now we make our own cute drinks and we’ll write our own names and we’ll call it Ariane Grande or whatever.”

‘Download these quick before Starbucks forces Twitter to remove them!” A fourth added, ”Hahaha. This is gem. Fans of Starbucks, this is a treasure.” Remarked a third

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