We frequently find useful ideas and methods on social media that make our lives simpler. There are specialized sections and forums offering hacks for various hobbies, ranging from cleaning and cooking to decorating and dressing up. Digital creators frequently provide unexpected methods to utilize kitchen scissors. A video illustrating 8 various ways to utilize a kitchen scissor has just gone viral on the internet. He has supplied 8 valuable recommendations for using these kitchen scissors in ways other than ordinary cutting, and others on the internet have found it pretty intriguing.

In Andrei Emelianov’s (@andre_lifehack) Instagram clip, the YouTuber first shows us how to utilize the scissors’ teeth (which are generally situated along the inside ridges of the handle). He uses this portion to break open a walnut. He then uses the scissors’ teeth to open a securely locked bottle of water as well as one containing wine. That isn’t everything. He also describes how their serrations may be used to keep fishtails in place when cleaning, preventing them from “slipping out of your hands.”

For the following hack, he splits the two blades of his kitchen scissors and uses one of them to pry the top of a beer bottle off. These single shears may be used to scale fish and chop vegetables at home. Another part of this toll that you may use around the house is the shears’ blade top. It may be used to open soda cans and tighten door or cabinet hinges, as seen in the video.

The Video has 1.8 Million Views On Instagram

So far, the video has gotten 1.8 million views on Instagram. These unusual applications for kitchen scissors piqued the interest of many people. Some of the suggestions did not persuade everyone. Some people were also intrigued by the idea of this particular type of scissor.

“I have that scissors and I didn’t know all its potential. Thanks!”

“Very helpful thank you! Why don’t they come with this in the packaging I will never know.”

“Swiss Army Scissors?”

“Ok the first few were an eye-opener, the last few were just stupid and definitely not the real purpose of those scissors.”

“Takes a genius to tell us this!”

“The wine cork though! Game changer lol.”

“Pause this man just changed my life.”

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