Cardi B was seen tossing her microphone at a concertgoer who throws their drink at the rapper onstage in a recent viral video. With her performance, the singer was spotted lighting the stage on fire. The performer was stunned moments later when a fan tossed their drink at her while performing. She was seen hurling her microphone at the fan in the video.

The singer was extremely agitated and appeared to be yelling at them. her crew hurried to remove the guest from the throng while also attempting to calm the singer.  The footage was retweeted on the rapper’s account shortly after the event

Cardi B’s Actions Have Been Appreciated by The Internet

Cardi B’s actions have been appreciated by the internet. A user commented on the video, saying “She deserved it, she shouldn’t have done that.”

“She did what needed to be done! people need to stop throwing stuff at performers!” a fan said. “Finally a celebrity fighting back,” said another.

“People need to stop throwing things at artists. It’s actually gotten out of control – like they aren’t human in your eyes,” wrote the fourth.

“I don’t blame cardi b these concerts now how they use to be these concert goers have no respect for anyone especially no respect for the artist throwing stuff at them so good for Cardi for doing that if you treat me with disrespect you get disrespected back period,” a fifth user added.


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