Can dogs eat raw chicken?

Yes…… but no. Let’s say it’s not that simple. And in this blog, we shall be discussing the same in detail.

With this being said, let’s get right into it:

Is It Safe to Feed Raw Chicken to My Dog?

There is no doubt that Raw chicken is 100% natural, unprocessed meat. After all, Dogs are descendants of Wolves, who used to eat raw meat all the time. So feeding raw chicken to the dog will be much healthier for him right?

Wrong. We wish it was as simple as that.

You failed to consider the fact, that in the past 1000s of years, both chickens and dogs have gone under dramatic evolution. While dogs have evolved to become more suitable for human settlements, chickens are specially bred for meat requirements.

Even apart from that, eating raw chicken can pose a serious risk to both a human and his/her dog. While it isn’t always problematic, but you can’t say when it’s going to be safe and when not.

So, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to take the chance or not.

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog Raw Chicken

No, that you know, the answer to the question “can dog eat raw chicken?”, we shall be discussing the danger of eating raw chicken.

Food Poisoning

So, we won’t be going into medical terms. Let’s keep it simple.

Raw chicken or any other raw meat has a lot of bacteria and even parasites. Even if you handle the raw meat with your bare hands let alone eat them, there are chances of spreading these bacteria. Worst case scenario is these parasites, and bacteria entries dogs’ bodies, and causing life-threatening problems.

Chicken Bones

There are a lot of people who ask us, “can dogs eat raw chicken bones?”.

And the short and sweet answer to these questions is, yes they can, but they shouldn’t. The reason is that chicken bones can stuck in their digestive tract and cause obstruction. This can lead to the puncturing of the internal organs.

Even before that, it can Injure a dog’s mouth. And there are high chances that bones might be present in that raw chicken.

Benefits of Feeding Raw Chicken to Dogs

While there are many disadvantages of feeding your dog raw chicken, there are some advantages too.

You see, Raw Chicken is pure, and has around 80% protein in it. Plus, it has no carbohydrates or sugar of any sort. In simpler words, it has everything a dog needs to be healthy.

Another advantage is that it is really inexpensive, in contrast to their processed food. But at the end of the day, you are the master, and it’s up to you to decide.

The Right Way of Feeding Your Dog Raw Chicken

Consider that you want to feed your dog the raw chicken, but want it to be the least risky. Here, is some method to feed it the Right Way.

  • In Small serving with regular food
  • Alone but as a treat
  • Feeding it as a chewy treat ( Dehydrated )
  • Making meatballs out of it
  • Mixing it with Healthy grains.

With this, we have answered your question “can dogs eat raw chicken” and some other things with it. And we have come to the end of the blog.

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