Dog owners regularly teach their dogs new tricks, and when their acts are recorded and shared online, many find them hilarious. Like this teacher’s video, which shows her dog performing various tricks. However, the dog only accomplishes so by following the lead of a few cards.

A video of a skillful dog doing tricks described on playing cards has gone popular on social media because it is simply too lovely to bear. In the Instagram video, the dog can be seen completing the tricks mentioned on several cards while glancing at them.

In the caption, the lady joked, “I’ll have her reading chapter books in no time!” in a hilarious caption. But don’t worry, nobody is trying to trick anyone into thinking the dog can read lips because the trick is all in how the card is placed.”

The Dog Can Be Seen Doing the Tricks Written On Several Playing Cards

In the video, the dog can be seen doing the tricks written on several playing cards while studying.  However, dogs cannot read in the same manner that people can. They are unable to comprehend written language or decipher written words. Dogs on the other hand maybe taught to identify certain objects, actions, or instructions with specific outcomes via persistent training and conditioning. With this in mind, this pet parent easily tops the list.

People On the Internet Were Amused by The Video

As it is such a lovely and fun trick, everyone is talking about it. The line, ‘What happens when a teacher adopts a dog’ is also put over the video. The video has gotten lot of attention on social media, and viewers can’t get enough of the bright dog’s talent.

“Is it technically them learning to read or the position of the card? generally curious don’t mean to come across mean,” a lady commented. Here’s what others had to say.

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