Luxury fashion firms are known for coming up with novel concepts. Luxury items, on the other hand, have exorbitant prices. Balenciaga, based in France, has just introduced a “Towel Skirt” for 76,990. This product has perplexed internet users, with many calling the cost “crazy.”

The towel skirt is a grey terry cotton fabric towel used as a knee-length mid-rise skirt. The piece comes from the brand’s spring 2024 collection. According to the product description, it is a unisex item with two buttons at the waistline. Furthermore, the garment is produced in Italy and features a tone-on-tone embroidered Balenciaga emblem on the front.

The towel skirt has received much attention on the internet, with individuals condemning the brand. Many people criticize the skirt, which looks like a regular towel you can wrap around yourself and buy for a much lower price.

Some On Social Media Couldn’t Get Enough of the Product

Meanwhile, some on social media couldn’t get enough of the product and had plenty to say about it.

“Over nine hundred dollars for a towel skirt. If I saw someone wearing that in public I’d assume they didn’t make it to the bathroom in time and were given a towel to cover up with,” one person said.

“Good morning! If you haven’t yet decided what to wear for work, check out luxury brand Balenciaga’s new ‘towel skirt’. Selling for 78,000/- ONLY,” said another.

“My mom has been styling me in those since forever! said a third, Balenciaga, you should hire her as your head designer.”

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