Artist Impresses Internet by Playing Beatboxing from The Past 15 Years: We’ve all heard the adage, “Practice makes perfect,” since we were children. To achieve something in any industry or subject, regular practice with full commitment is required. A remarkable example is a beatboxer who posted a video on Instagram demonstrating what 15 years of practice can achieve.

Beatboxing is a musical method in which artists use their mouth and tongue to generate or stimulate beats that sounds like drums, percussion instruments, or other musical instruments. It takes a long time and a lot of effort for our bodies to adjust and perfect each and every sound.

Artist Impresses Internet by Playing Beatboxing


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The Artist stands in front of the mirror in the Instagram video, which was published by the page dertvardir, and shows his slow yet mind-boggling 15 years of improvement. He shows how he sounds in each phase, from day one to a month to finally 15 years. Though he seems a little shaky at first, he totally masters each note and sound by the end of the video. D-low, a world-champion beatboxer, and vocal producer have been recognized as an artist.

The Video Was Viral On TikTok a Year Ago and Has Now Resurfaced On Other Social Media Platforms

This video was viral on TikTok a year ago and has now resurfaced on other social media platforms. The video has received 3.5 lakhs likes and many comments since it was published on Instagram on October 18. The comment area is filled with supportive comments that praise the artist’s inventive skills and artistry.

Many People Were Astounded by His Dedication to Honing His Beatboxing

One user commented on the video, writing, “When I heard day 1 I already knew it was gonna be lit.” Another person stated, “Bros making his own disstrack.” A third person expressed regret, adding, “I think beat boxing is one of the coolest things. But where the hell do find beatboxing school? Like welcome to the school of beatboxing.”

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